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Monday, July 17, 2017

Wolf Unleashed by Paige Tyler

Wolf Unleashed (SWAT, #5)

Book five in the SWAT: Special Alpha Wolf Team series. As I have previously mentioned I am completely addicted to this series by this point. I am looking forward to reading how each part of the team finds their very own soul mate. This stories build on one another because each time they have to take out a threat to save themselves a new moves in to take its place. For this installment is includes dog fighting and a new street drug that has been created. Alex Trevino meets his women at the vets office as he takes the team mascot Tuffie in for a check up. Surprisingly she turns him down several times so he has to try real hard just to get his foot in the door. Once he does events conspire to release his secret early and of course she takes it badly. When her sister goes missing the two have to work together despite their problems and it leads for some interesting fireworks to say the least. I was loving Alex's patience with her but I will admit that she really should have been a little more open minded when it came down to it. Good for fans of paranormal romance. I give it 4/5 stars.

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