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Monday, July 24, 2017

It's Your Party, Die If You Want To by Vickie Fee

It's Your Party, Die If You Want To (A Liv And Di In Dixie Mystery)

Book two in the Liv & Di in Dixie Mystery series. Liv has lots going on in this book. She has an upcoming engagement party that she is in charge of planning and she has to assist with a business retreat. This would be so much easier if Morgan the head of another group was  more accommodating and less witchy to all the people around her. This wasn't and issue until she turns up dead. While Liv tries to stay out of it (like almost the whole town asks her to) her and Di's curiosity get the better of them so they end up asking questions anyways. These books crack me up as the girls she to get themselves in trouble repeatedly no matter how hard they try not to. Di is constantly fighting with Dave and Larry Joe seems a little clueless when it comes to what Liv is doing. The Southern charm is a nice touch and the mystery develops quite smoothly with enough twists and turns (like the haunted teen ride to name one) to keep the reader interested. Great fro fans of cozy mysteries. I really liked it so it gets 4/5 stars.

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