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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Avenged by Amy Tintera

Avenged (Ruined, #2)

Book two in the Ruined series. Can I just say wow? Olivia has totally lost her mind by this book. She has become completely vindictive, irrational, and enraged all at the same time with no effort to even control herself as she feels justified to feel this way after everything that has happened to her. Em tries her best to rein her in even going so far as to establish a duarchy with her so they can both maintain the throne of Ruina. Cas gets in the way of their efforts to rule though it is not his fault as his cousin tries to take the throne from him by using the ruined as her main argument. Things do not work out so well though and things keep happening left and right throughout the whole book which kept me turning the pages until I hit the very last one wishing their was more. This book is full of action, magic, intrigue, drama, suspense, and so much more. It is a must read for fans of YA fantasy novels. I really enjoyed it so it gets 4/5 stars. Now for the wait for book three....

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