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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Peach Pies and Alibis by Ellery Adams

Peach Pies and Alibis (A Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery, #2)

Book two in the Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery series. Ella Mae has been hired to provide the desserts at a wedding. While she is trying to organize that she finally begins to get some answers about her magic such as what it is, where it comes from, the rules, and so much more. This leads to some interesting research that gets slightly derailed after a dead body is discovered. Of course Ella has to use her magic to investigate what is going on in her town especially after multiple women in an important line is succession start finding themselves dead or attacked. This all comes to one big climax toward the end of the book that ended up with so many emotions it made me cry. Of course any book that hooks me enough to cry about the events in it gets 5/5 stars. I am really loving the evolution of this series and am really looking forward to reading the next installment.

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