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Monday, July 31, 2017

Look Behind You by Iris Johansen

Look Behind You (Kendra Michaels, #5)

Book five in the Kendra Michaels series. Just so you know I love pretty much all of Iris's books. She just has this way of writing them that keeps me hooked from the first to the last page making me wish I had a whole stack of new ones to get through (though I am always happy to re-read some of the old ones as well). Kendra is being targeted by a serial killer that has been in operation for over a decade though thanks to different MO's as well as locations the cases were never connected. This changed when the killer begins to leave souvenirs from past killings at the new murder sights. The FBI calls Kendra in to work with their dream team (all the lead investigators from the previous cases) knowing that she does not work well with a group thanks to her awesome skills. She tries her best until the killer makes her feel trapped then along with Lynch she strikes out in her own way finally bringing the killer to justice. The identity of the killer was a surprise to me which I enjoy since usually I can figure it out before the end but Iris is good at keeping you guessing. This book is just full of suspense, intrigue, murder, and so much more. Kendra's skills are just incredible and reading about her putting them to use (and showing up the other investigators) just makes me smile every time. I loved it so much that this one gets 5/5 stars.

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