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Monday, July 10, 2017

Pall in the Family by Dawn Eastman

Pall in the Family (A Family Fortune Mystery, #1)

Book one in the Family Fortune Mystery series. Meet Clyde (who also has a very long formal name that refuse to spell) who goes back home after things go wrong during an arrest at her job as a police officer. She ran from home to avoid her own physic abilities years ago and is not happy about this turn of events. She is working as a dog walker to help out her Aunt and when she arrives to pick up one of the dogs she finds the owner dead instead. Her nephew Seth adopts the traumatized shih-tzu and he becomes one of my favorite characters of the whole book. Clyde finds herself trying to solve the murder much to the dismay of her ex-boyfriend. Another dog owner gets murdered as well which is how Clyde herself ends up as the owner of a huge Mastiff named Baxter who is also quite the character. The mix of all the personalities from the variety of characters mixed with the physic, witchy, magic stuff makes for a very fun little mystery story that is a must read for fans of cozy mysteries that involve a little bit of the mystical as well. I give it 4/5 stars since I really liked it.

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